Improve Safety & Training with a 3D Virtual E-Learning Environment

E-learning has become a key tool in supporting the training needs for many businesses, saving costs and improving performance. Having a virtual, on-demand, feature rich 3D space to creatively interact with participants can take engagement to a new level.

Reality capture and conversion into a virtual space that can be accessed repeatadly to support training is here! A simple scan of a premises, a space, a thing, and you’ll be all set to create your virtual e-learning environment.

Whether it’s safety training, inductions, job training or just simple familiarisation that you want to achieve. Enrich your virtual space with information and media to promote active engagement and help improve knowledge retention.


Immersive and interactive

creatively populate your space with content


Boost engagement & performance

create alternative multi-purpose environments


Easy to share and collaborate

available 24/7 to view and learn



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Versatile & Accessible Training

The ability to add media tags / hot-spots to your virtual space and make it interactive, means that you can influence the training in any way you choose.

Simply add text, or link to documenation, instruction manuals, quick-reference guides, or video.

Make it formal or gamify the experience… The content is up to you.


Virtual Tour Options

Training can have many facets, and the ability to create duplicate virtual spaces to cater for diverse training needs can be a valuable.

Maybe you’d like to set up different scenarios to test observational skills, or simply have copies of the same environment to support multiple needs such as general safety, emergency evacuation, site familiarisation, job training etc.

You could even create a version that can be shared with the suppliers that support your premises and site mainatance, cleaning etc.

Access & Integration

With your virtual training space being an online resource it’s easy to access at any time, and also means it can be easily integrated. Either as a primary tool, with information and media resources linked from the hot-spots, or slotted into your existing e-learning platform.

Scanned Floor Plans

To maximise your return on investment, a full scan of your property means we can also provide floor plan schematics, which can be used for documentation and mapping aspects such emergency escape routes, safety equipment etc.

Whatever project and ideas you have in mind, we’d love to hear from you.

Our capture service can get you started on your journey into 3D visualisation and help you create a tailored experience to meet your business needs. Additional services include Professional Photography.

just a few steps away

  1. tailor package The first step is a discussion about the project and aspects of your business you want to capture.
  2. plan We'll work with you to plan a date and find the best time to carry out the scan.
  3. scan The specialist equipment we use captures both 3D & image data at the same time.
  4. deliver In as little as 48 hours you'll have a link to your digital twin. We'll set everything up to your spec, along with any additional digital assets.
  5. support We give the support you need to start reaping the benefit, including communicating with your website provider or social media teams as needed.

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