Even though you may like the idea of having a virtual tour done, we appreciate that you will have lots of questions. The information below will hopefully capture your immediate thoughts and more.

We are aware that not everyone is a tech genius, so don’t worry if you don’t understand all the details and terminology. We’ll be there to support from start to finish.




In order to create the virtual tour, we will need to scan the building / space /room you want included.

The specialist equipment we use captures both 3D and image data at the same time. It’s clever tech!

The captured data is then processed, and in most cases your virtual tour can be ready to view within 24 hours. Bigger, more complex spaces can take a little longer to process.

The tour will be provided to you in the form of a web link … a URL.


Your virtual tour will be available online, meaning it can be viewed on Mobile, Tablet or PC.

All you need is the link and a data or WiFi connection. No need to download bespoke software!


You can share by simply integrating the tour on your website or by sharing a link.

For business use it can be as simple as sharing the link with colleagues, or sharing your screen in Teams or Zoom, as you walk through the tour together.


What are the main features?

Our virtual tours deliver the following as standard:

  • Immersive 3D walk-through experience
  • 3D Dolls House View
  • Plan View
  • Floor Selector
  • Measurement Tool

Customisation / enhancement options:

  • Hot-Spots (Information Tags) – Add Text & Links, Images & Video.
  • Highlight Reel – Acts as an auto guided tour or aids navigation.
  • Custom description e.g. Business Summary, Address & Contact details.
  • Floor Labels

Other options include:

  • Branding
  • Custom hot-spot icons
  • Alternative room layouts

How much does it cost?

Prices start at £200 for a small property and scale according to the following factors:

  • Size of the space
  • Complexity
  • Customisation requirements
  • Location

We will work with you to provide the best package to-suit. With all the features and assets provided, we believe our product offers great value for money.

Additional cost includes a hosting fee to cover the 24/7 availability of your virtual tour. This is charged at £50 per annum per active virtual tour.

Extras such as video’s, schematic floor plans & 3D data files are chargeable.

How do I share & display the tour?

As the tour is provided by means of a web link, the options include:

  • The link can be delivered by email. For example, as part of your CRM process.
  • Embedded on your website. You’ll be provided with the required embed code.

We aim to support through to the latter stages of delivery and will be happy to connect with your website provider and social media manager.

How long does it take to scan the property?

As you can imagine, this does depend on size, complexity, and availability of the property. The equipment we use is purpose built for this task and delivers quality whilst still being efficient in capturing the data and images needed … it’s pretty quick.

We’ll work with you to ensure we work with your business needs. Even if this means carrying out the capture out of working hours.

Can the virtual tour be updated?

Yes. We know this is important for some businesses.

Where applicable, we will retain the original scan data, and with a re-visit to your property we can update (re-scan) the affected areas.

The second aspect is the hot-spot content … the media tags. When we discuss your requirements, you may want to consider your need for future updates to ensure that the virtual tour remains relevant and continues to deliver for you.

can i download the virtual tour?

Unfortunately, this is not an option.

While it may seem a logical thing to be able to do, there are lots of reasons that make it impractical. Not least is that there is a lot of data involved, and you’d need to find a way to deliver the tour online to your clients and colleagues. The option to make our tours available on a different server is not a feature on offer.

Are there any limitations that I may need to be aware of?

For very large areas, there is a limitation on the amount of data that can be handled. It is therefore sometimes necessary to create multiple spaces in order to deliver the full area required.

How can I control access to the virtual tour?

You don’t have to share your virtual tour online for the world to see. Access can be limited to an extent by controlling who you give the link to.

There is a more secure option, with Password protection now available.

just a few steps away

  1. tailor package The first step is a discussion about the project and aspects of your business you want to capture.
  2. plan We'll work with you to plan a date and find the best time to carry out the scan.
  3. scan The specialist equipment we use captures both 3D & image data at the same time.
  4. deliver In as little as 48 hours you'll have a link to your digital twin. We'll set everything up to your spec, along with any additional digital assets.
  5. support We give the support you need to start reaping the benefit, including communicating with your website provider or social media teams as needed.

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