Audit facilities & assets with a Virtual Survey

A high-resolution 3D visual record can act as building condition survey, or an audit of assets and facilities. There’s no more wading through 2D photos that provide little context, and are often difficult to share with stakeholders.

Whether it’s a single property that you are looking to time-stamp for general condition, a renovation project that needs stages to be recorded, or a larger portfolio requiring periodic surveys; a visit with our specialised scanners, and you’ll soon have your DIGITAL TWIN, and be ready to view, interrogate, annotate and measure.

With a full 360 view, and 4K imagery you’ll have a great detailed view of important features at your fingertips. You can take measurements inside the 3D space to double check features. We can even capture some areas that are normally difficult to access or view, for example due to height.


Time-stamped record of condition

and assets tagged to record status


High Resolution 360 view

and context of features in 3D


Collborate with stakeholders

share notes inside your virtual survey



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Document & generate 3D Models and floor plan schematics

Our multi-purpose solution provides something more than just a fully immersive 3D walk-through environment.

Media tags can be annotated and linked with documentation, and along with the ability to generate as-built floor plan schematics, and provide 3D model data, these multiple outputs provide a compelling return on investment.

  • Feature Rich 3D Digital Twin
  • Information / Media Tags
  • Schematic Floor Plan
  • CAD Schematic Drawings
  • 3D Model Files
  • Additional 2D Still Images


If you’re requirements are more than a visual record, and you require detailed schematics of your site, our SCAN-to-CAD service can help provide the resources you need.

Once the scan has been conducted, we can produce 2D CAD schematic drawings on your behalf, and also provide the point cloud data and obj files ready to use in AutoCAD and Revit.

Intuitive, feature-rich & shareable

The online virtual walk-through environment is intuitive to navigate and feature rich.

It can be shared easily with stakeholders by a direct link, or you can always screen share via Zoom, Teams etc.

  • Immersive Experience
  • Dolls House View
  • Information / Media Tags
  • Floor Labels
  • Measure Tool
  • Collaboration Tool

We are able to scan both interior and exterior site environments, providing high reolution and accuracy where it’s needed. If you’re looking to digitise larger scale, we’d be happy to take on the challenge. Our recent experience includes the 3D capture of sites up to half a million square feet.

If you have a project in mind, we’d love to hear from you.

just a few steps away

  1. tailor package The first step is a discussion about the project and aspects of your business you want to capture.
  2. plan We'll work with you to plan a date and find the best time to carry out the scan.
  3. scan The specialist equipment we use captures both 3D & image data at the same time.
  4. deliver In as little as 48 hours you'll have a link to your digital twin. We'll set everything up to your spec, along with any additional digital assets.
  5. support We give the support you need to start reaping the benefit, including communicating with your website provider or social media teams as needed.

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