Featured Tour - Lamport Hall


Lamport Hall, a Grade I listed house situated in Northamptonshire, now has a virtual twin to share with its fan base both here in the UK and abroad. The showcase provides an immersive high resolution view of the interior, and utilises the media hot-spots to provide an engaging experience.

Snippets of information in the hot-spots provide a great taster for those wishing to visit. Lamport Hall also commissioned a series of video's, with actors in period dress depicting characters from the history of the hall, to tell its history and further enhance the experience with scenes dotted around tour.

Inclusive & Unique Viewpoints

Physical access to view heritage properties can be a big challenge when considering accessibility. A virtual tour can go a long way to including people with disabilities, allowing them to view otherwise inaccessible areas.

We enjoyed the chance to also create unique viewpoints
... that even regular visitors wouldn't be able to experience.

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