C9VT Covid-19 Policy

Our policy in relation to Covid-19

There is no doubt that many industries will have been impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic, with the primary issue for some being unable to be about in society doing what they do. In many instances this may be more about complying with the spirit of the ‘stay at home’ policy, than it is about being able to carry out work and maintain social distancing, and this is certainly the case for our 3D Scanning & Virtual Tour creation.

In the first instance, there was no doubt a fear factor, along with a lack of knowledge, meant the natural and sensible thing to do was to think about putting things on hold. Then the lock-down, which removed a lot of indecision. However, thoughts are now turning to what the future landscape might be in the ‘new-normal’ world that will be with us for the foreseeable future.

We’ll be providing information and assurance about our working practices in advance of carrying out the scans. We have always provided prep notes in advance of the scan date and will be updating this to include specifics to cover any additional safety measures for Covid-19.

With social distancing being a primary consideration, we are fortunate that carrying out the property scan is often carried out when people are not in the building … a natural social distancing anyway. Considering that most people will have got into the swing the basics, we envisage there will be a spirit of cooperation, and we’ll be able to protect or clients and ourselves during the scan.

We are hoping to encourage any business feeling unable to book our service, due to the current instability, that it’s still ok to think about and enquire about having a scan done, and a virtual tour created. It’s always best to plan ahead anyway, as it can take a little while to get things organised. So, even though the stay-at-home restrictions haven’t yet been lifted, we would be excited to discuss your requirements.