Why 3D digital twin visualisation is good for business

The term ‘Digital Twin’ is becoming increasingly familiar, but expectation can vary across different industries and applications. For some it is a simple visual representation of a real-world space… a virtual copy, for others it’s a data rich eco system, highly interactive and allows for simulations, in-depth analysis, and real-time monitoring of objects or systems.

While reality capture of spaces to create a 3D virtual walk-throughs is often seen as a marketing tool, its value extends far beyond B2C and B2B engagement. Many businesses are now harnessing this technology to boost productivity, communication, and collaboration within their organisation.

We all know the saying “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Imagine having a fully immersive 3D walk-through at your fingertips… it’s like having an entire story brought to life!

Creating an online shareable 3D visualisation of your business premises is not to be underestimated. The ability to share the 3D space quickly and easily can eliminate unwanted in-person site visits and instantly impact property management functions. Augmenting the 3D space with information then provides a higher level of engagement and can be tailored to suit specific business needs such as training, health and safety, inclusion initiatives, among others.

Why an Immersive Digital Twin of Real-World Spaces Benefit Your Business?

Nearly every business could exploit the technology for a wide variety of purposes.  For many, the premises, and facilities within are important and integral… subject to activities such development projects, day-to-day management, maintenance activities, surveys, training needs, and more. There is a perceivable productivity benefit to be had when you have the ability to share with stakeholders, a realistic navigable view of a premises without actually being there in person.

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Less obvious benefits can be seen, such as maintaining a golden thread of the historic development of a site and its assets. This could be for the purposes of a ‘before and after’ for a build project (Or stages), or even to support insurance claims.

The advantage for managing remote locations is evident, but it’s also worth considering the value for facility owners and colleagues working from home… or those that often have to deal with call-outs and unsociable hours when problems could be resolved more effectively.

Getting the right 3D solution

While technology has evolved, enabling a more immersive and feature-rich experience, it’s also the case that it has become more readily accessible and affordable for businesses of all sizes. It’s also worth noting that numerous methods and platforms offer visualisations, but not all are equal. How often have you started a virtual walk-through in the past, only to become frustrated and quit after a few clicks? There are key features to look out for, such as ease of sharing and intuitive navigation as well as the immersive qualities.

3D visualisations can be an amazing productivity tool for business. Their impact can vary depending on specific needs, but the beauty lies in the versatility that allows each business or organisation to tailor multiple versions to serve a multitude of purposes.

One significant recent development has been the capacity to enrich the virtual space with information and provide a powerful boost. This enhancement involves seamlessly incorporating documentation, notes, videos, and links. The result? A fully immersive experience that facilitates robust engagement with stakeholders.

Gone are the days when 3D reality capture was exclusive to architects and construction experts. Today, the potential benefits extend across a diverse spectrum of industries. Whether you operate in a bustling factory, an educational institution, a sprawling warehouse, a healthcare facility, a retail store, or you’re responsible for managing a portfolio of properties, the opportunity to harness 3D technology is there to be tapped into.

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