Enhance your online presence!

Digital marketing has never been more important.

For retail businesses, virtual tours are fast becoming a customer expectation ...browsing online to check out your business, property or venue before they venture out or make contact.

Customers can not only shop online, but they'll be able to walk through your shop, showroom or business online too.

The potential applications of 3D virtual tours combined with interactive elements provide an informative and visual marketing tool.

The tags (or hot-spots) provide the opportunity to promote and inform customers as they walk through the tour. Simply add text, images, video content and links to website pages.

... But wait!

... It's not just a website marketing thing!

Many businesses involved with commercial sales are now using this virtual tour platform to do so much more for them.

Virtual Showrooms.

Showing clients around their facilities.

Sharing processes in their factories.

All this is saving time, expense and boosting productivity,

B2C and B2B

We believe the consumer expectation for virtual tours is now expanding, as more and businesses see how the virtual tours can help them with day-today sales and support activities too.

The more obvious business-to-consumer markets are Real Estate, Retail, Entertainment, Hospitality, and Leisure, which are often driven by aspects such as brand identity and digital strategies focussed on website design and SEO performance.

Virtual tours are not just a great way to show off a business, but they are also a great fit into the digital strategy by bringing improvements in customer engagement, and at the same time helping website performance.

Whilst there may be some similarities, the business-to-business sector can have a need to focus on relationships, communication and information. Demonstrating processes or showing clients around the factory, the showroom or facilities is not uncommon practise.

Being able to interact with clients in a shared virtual space can help boost marketing performance by removing the constraints of meetings, site visits etc.. For example, it could be a substitute for trade show stands, or simply a follow-up to an exhibition. All of this has obvious benefits especially for organisations with international clients. Examples include: Manufacturing, Warehouses and Service Companies.

Conference Venues may be both B2C & B2B, where the behind the scenes spaces are as important as the public spaces. Healthcare and education could be considered to be more akin to B2B, with information about facilities being important.

Property market

Last but not least is the property market, where there can be subtle differences between Residential Property sales, Commercial Property sales, Letting, Office Spaces etc. For example, with residential property sales, the virtual tour can be a short-term but nonetheless valuable benefit. For some letting scenarios, there is a longer term requirement.

The market for international sales should not be forgotten, where it is known for sales to be made purely on the basis of viewing a virtual tour. Even distance within the UK can factor, where the lack of a virtual tour can hamper viewings.

For some properties, beyond the marketing and sales, there can also be additional long term benefit, especially for letting, where condition monitoring and support for insurance claims adds extra value to having a hi-res virtual tour available.

If you are looking for additional benefits from your virtual tour:

Google Street View

Floor Plans

Professional Photography

Did you know?

Once your virtual tour is complete, it is possible to have it enhanced with virtual staging.

In addition to your marketing requirements, does your organisation also have property management commitments?

Just a few steps away

The first step is a discussion about the aspects of your business you want to capture. By getting to know you and your business, we can help tailor a package to suit.

We'll work with you to plan, and find the best time to carry out the scan. Once the scan is done, we'll be working to ensure your virtual tour is all set up to your specification and ready to view within days.

Our aim is to provide a speedy delivery of the link to your tour along with the digital assets such as Images, 360's & Video, floor plans etc.

We will be happy to give you the support you need to start reaping the benefit as soon as possible. This includes linking up with your website provider or social media teams.