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Digitising your project

Site surveys and generation of detailed floor plans can be a costly and time consuming process.

In the process of creating the virtual tour, the scanner also records the 3D data, which can then be made available as colour .xyz point cloud and obj. files. This means the as-built 3D data can be delivered in a cost-effective manner, and be available within just a few days

Once the virtual tour has been processed, black-line PDF floor plans can be quickly generated, and along with the 3D files, you're all set to to give the start of your project a great foundation.

Creating digital assets!

data flow chart


Once you have your colour xyz point cloud, it can be imported it into a compatible CAD software, such as Autodesk Recap. From there you can view (and trim unwanted elements), then export into programs such as Revit & AutoCAD to start creating your designs.

If your project requires just the accurate floor plan schematics for CAD (dwg), then we'll be happy to provide a quotation.

Your virtual tour can now be included in the Autodesk BIM 360 Project Home dashboard. Using deep links, collaborators can point to specific places within the tour, and help speed up decision making.

Quality matters

Combing two types of scanner allows enables us to provide accuracy where it matters, and image quality where it matters too.

Details Matter

You don't have to miss those important features that can be difficult to capture with a manual survey and a set of still images.

A 3D as-built scan can get go to those difficult to access places, and along with the measure facility in the virtual tour you can interrogate spaces with ease, and prevent those awkward delays sometimes caused by having to do another site visit.


Keeping your virtual tour up to date could be important to you. As your project or building goes through it's phases of modifications and uplifts, the good news is that we can keep hold of the original scan data and simply update the areas where things have changed.

Just a few steps away

The first step is a discussion about the aspects of your business you want to capture. By getting to know you and your business, we can help tailor a package to suit.

We'll work with you to plan, and find the best time to carry out the scan. Once the scan is done, we'll be working to ensure your virtual tour is all set up to your specification and ready to view within days.

Our aim is to provide a speedy delivery of the link to your tour along with the digital assets such as Images, 360's & Video, floor plans etc.

We will be happy to give you the support you need to start reaping the benefit as soon as possible. This includes linking up with your website provider or social media teams.